… e quindici !!! Vino rosso (2011)

quindiciProduction area:

The grapes come from vineyards owned farm Cascina La Maddalena, located in Rocca grimalda, in the heart of a designation of origin DOC.

Unlike the “Decima Vendemmia”, this wine sees as the absolute protagonist Barbera, which in the year 2011 was expressed to levels not seen in previous years, surpassing even the legendary quality vintages 1997, 2001, 2004 and 2007; Barbera grapes from the oldest vineyard and, despite a production load already quite balanced, it is however, an additional selective thinning; to harvest these grapes have proved really higher concentration, with the skins of a thickness and a consistency never seen; small amounts of other farmer’s grapes completed then the profile of the wine.

Manual in boxes of 15 kg of grapes each.

After destemming and crushing soft has made a maceration period of 15 days, through repeated daily pumping over of the must on the pomace, but hard to pull gently until the last of the noble parts of the skins (anthocyanins, tannins, aromatic); after draining and refilling a first cleaning, the wine has come in wooden containers.

The wine is aged in French oak barrels for a period of 18 months; special attention was paid to the selection of the wood, opting for the fine-grained oak aged three years outdoors, then purified components completely from woody or herbaceous love; a further period of 8 months of aging in bottle has completed the flavor profile.

Tasting notes

Ruby red with shades of “peel eggplant” incredible density and intensity, almost impenetrable.

Very fine and large, very complex, the wine opens with notes of sweet blueberry and vanilla, then accompanied by elegant floral hints of violet and iris, and bursting spicy (clove, pepper) to welcome a “score” aromatic of rare harmony.

Taste: Very full and enveloping, with lovely refreshing acidity to balance the massive alcohol, endlessly long and persistent.

Tips for optimum drinking:
It is recommended that a glass of large dimensions, to appreciate all the varied shades, at a temperature of 18-20 ° C.

Serving suggestions:
Ggame birds and fur, long seasoned cheese, great creative cuisine based on meat but also very pleasant on its own as a sipping wine, perhaps with a good cigar in front of the fireplace …

n° 675 bottles of 0.75 liters
n° 232 magnum of 1,50 liters.